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Find A Great Birthday Spot For Adopted Vietnamese Children

bdaygirlThe adoption of Vietnamese children or children from other Southeast Asian countries is now a fact of life for many families across the world. These families share the joy of bringing up fantastic kids and the children themselves benefit from a stable and loving family and the possibility of enjoying the opportunities that are part and parcel of life in a first world environment.

However, there can be some challenges to bringing children into a new country with new sites and sounds and a culture that can be completely alien.

Of course, the younger the child is, the easier it will be for them to acclimatize to life in another country. Small babies will present very few problems as they will grow up and become used to another country.

However, when the child is adopted at a more advanced age, there can be problems in acclimatization. One of the more challenging aspects of bringing up a child from Vietnam is finding an appropriate venue for the celebration of birthday parties.

The key to finding an appropriate venue is to find one that is non-threatening. Whereas many native children may find the flashing lights and loud sounds are fun, an adopted child from a foreign culture can find these extremely frightening.

Some ideas for holding a party in a non-threatening environment include the local park where the kids will have space and be able to interact with other youngsters on their own terms and supported by their adopted parents.

There are also a variety of animal farms where trained child minders will lead adopted children through a variety of safe and common activities that involves their mom and dad to ensure that any threatening or new situations can be dealt with in a calm manner.

Kiddies paddling party at a kid safe venue can also be fun – but make sure that there is qualified personnel available to oversee proceedings and make sure that any adopted child always has mom and dad (or, at least, one parent) close by.

If you’re looking for a venue that will give an adopted Vietnamese child a sense of comfort, then your local Vietnamese restaurant may be a great idea- especially if they have kiddies play facilities and have a suitably qualified childminder at hand. Some simple gift packs for the party goers can help break the ice and make the child feel more comfortable.

However, perhaps the best place for a party is at home in the security and comfort of the familiar. A home party will allow an adopted child to reach out to other kids with confidence and allow them to pull back when they feel overwhelmed. With parents and siblings (if applicable) within easy reach a home party will offer the child the opportunity to explore the psychology of other children and familiarize themselves with the concept of a birthday party without fear.

Once this psychological barrier has been broken down the next step might be to venture into more challenging environments for the next birthday party experience.

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